Monday, September 3, 2007

Doing Time in Los Angeles/Orange County

Well Gang. Set your calendar and watches. If you want to see LIVE comedy, I'd recommend you get your butts up and out of your couches and head over to Huntington Beach each Tuesday during the month of September because I'll be playing there at Martini Blues, 8pm, for a measley $10. Seriously cheap show! 21 and over, only, tho. 714-840-2129. Visit my page for more information.

And, I'll be playing the IMPROV in Hollywood hosted by Martin Moreno. That's a hell of a great host, and a KICK ass show. I know because about 12 years ago, Martin started in my rooms back when he was a mere latino fledgling. NOW he's a headliner, with his own night out. You'll love him, and I know this...because he has a great following! People like Pablo Francisco, George Lopez, and even Gabriel Iglesias love this guy and work with him on Comedy Central. I'll post the dates on under events.

This is the start of my return to the stage after a three year absence. It's weird being back, and it's great. I'm getting my foot back on that stair master, and riding the horse bareback. The material is bigger, better, honest...and what's funny? (besides the material?), is watching a few hundred of my peers and realizing, WOW, I have so much more to say. SO so SO much more. It feels like there is a void now. Just empty space being filled with nothing. Now I know why I wasn't getting anywhere...I had something to say. People on television are lacking substance in so many ways. There are some who are making a career saying, "Yeah, you know, like, you know, right?" as part of their entire gimmick. It's nutty.

If Mark L. saw me audition with THAT at the Improv in 1986, I'd have been told never to return. In fact, when he sat there, at 2:13, after my big audition, on morning, he said, "gee, where's your material.?" I said, "Gee, where's my audience?" I was disgusted because at the time, my act was 50% based on reaction from people..I needed to talk to audience members to get a reaction...and there wasn't a soul...sole..not one. Used to go out, pick people, and talk to them about their genetic make up. There weren't any people to talk I had nothing to say. I had ten minutes to say nothing. He said, "don't use anything 'blue'" so I couldn't use my other material...because it was somewhat turquoise. Not exactly cobalt. Not exactly royal. Just somewhat hued. He gave me another shot.

He saw me in NYC, and said, "I want you to come to California and play our Santa Monica Improv! I've never seen a woman do that in a room!" This from the man who says, "I never forget an act." He had forgotten that not two weeks before, he had given me the 2:am set from hell. I reminded him, "Oh I just played...uhm..yes, I'll be there, thank you." He hadn't remembered me and my friend was punching me in the arm to shut up. Honesty is a very bad trait at times. My pal said, "Shut up moron, he doesn't forget people and he had no idea who you were. Shut the hell up you twit." So I'm in Santa Monica two weeks later, where I'm back at Second City, and Budd is there this time, and he says, "Young lady, that was very nice. You should come back here again." Then he looked at Mark who had shaken his head no, "Maybe not yet." Make up your freaking mind, Mark!!! "Why didn't you do what you did in New York?" "I had different people in the audience this time, and there weren't any bus drivers, bagel makers, and an authentic Armenian with long blonde curls. This time, there was a Mexican show girl, a plumber and a dancing chihuahua. It played differently." "Oh. I see. Well, come back again in a few months." So this time, it wasn't a complete dismissal, just a shrug of -- nevermind.

Fortunately, years later, it's changed, and I've since had many a set at Improv's around the country. I don't recall if Mark had been in any of the audiences. Frankly, it doesn't matter. My career seemed to do well regardless. I've now got some time in the future at the Hollywood Improv. I'm pretty glad, as my friends who are there are warm, great, terrific comedians and the audience is just as wonderful. It will be a great show, just for that alone.

I hope that some of you will be there. That will make it perfect.

cathe b

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